Adding a nice touch to consultation

An increasing number of pharmacies in Australia are adopting a world-leading pharmacy automation, BD Rowa™ Technologies, with sales increased during 2018.

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Efficient, interactive tool for health consultations

In late 2018 the interactive BD Rowa Vmotion™ touch screens were also made available to the Australian pharmacy market and some pharmacy owners promptly secured these screens for their stores. If you attended APP in March this year, it would have been almost impossible to miss the Rowa Vmotion™ screens showcased at the BD Rowa™ Technologies display. The Vmotion™ screen is an efficient, interactive and customisable tool for standardised health consultations in the pharmacy. It can display 2D and 3D virtual products and advertisements and acts as a support tool for pharmacy members, enabling them to have aligned consultations and companion selling to customers. Numerous products and shelves can be shown, minimising capital investment, assisting with theft protection and eliminating the need for daily restocking, tidying and dusting.

The Vmotion™ system runs on high-definition screens of different sizes to create a modern look in the pharmacy. The system can be utilised for digital OTC displays, discreet and non-verbal consultations, as well as displaying various content in the shop windows, such as seasonal products, product advertisements and pharmacy services, through to team member photos.

The cloud-based content management system is quite easy to use. Users can create their own templates or choose from pre-made ones and personalise them to suit their product brands and pharmacy offerings. Once completed, the content can be scheduled or deployed instantly from one central point to all Vmotion™ sites via the Vcloud tool. You can program the content to run on the Vmotion™ screens inside the pharmacy to reinforce product advertising in order to encourage sales, or display your pharmacy services in the shop window after hours.

Available for discreet consultation

At the counter, customer consultation and service become more efficient due to the invisible difference behind the wall. During the consultation, staff can dispense any chosen product on the Vmotion™ screen with just a touch. Scripts can also be processed and dispensed within seconds with the automated storage and dispensing system, Rowa™ Vmax, and be ready for collection from the Rowa™ outputs that are conveniently and discreetly positioned in the product shelving.


A new digital solution for discreet consultation is also available in Australia. 22” Vmotion™ touch screens can be positioned in the counter top or attached to a swivel arm on the counter. This allows Pharmacists to carry out discreet, one-on-one consultations at any time without the need for large-scale renovations.


The Vmotion™ screens allow you to broaden your range of product offerings within the same amount of space. Pricing options and savings are now transparent to the customer and add-on products and additional pharmacy brands can be displayed in the same screen for greater upselling opportunity. This multi-dimensional tool can add so much more to your pharmacy than just a visual appeal.


If you’re interested in taking your customer consultation to the next level, contact your local BD Rowa Sales Advisor on 1800 MY ROWA (69 7692).